I stand there and watch and admire what Nature can do.

Carl G. Jung

Watching Alamar films is a ritual of wellbeing and self-care, which encourages connection with the spiritual dimension and helps the individual to be in the here and now. The frequencies of Nature rebalance and harmonise the various levels of the human being. A contemplation that nourishes with energy and beauty.


Those who choose to use a natural healthcare system are fully aware of the benefits of Nature, in all forms. The Alamar videos are a powerful and effective support in any path of healing and awareness. Even in the case of specific illnesses, the vision helps rebalance the suffering parts and stimulate self-healing resources. For different natural therapies, there are specific themes, ranging from colour therapy to flower therapy, including Bach flowers. In short, Nature’s vital energy resonates with that of the individual, to help him or her regain a state of well-being and discover within oneself the psychophysical resources to maintain ideal conditions.



Alamar videos offer the opportunity to experience guided tours in Nature, taking advantage of all possible seasons and scenarios, from streams in the woods to the sky in the foliage, from fire to snow, from a specific flower to a specific tree. This allows one to get in touch, exactly when one wants to, with the energies of specific places, plants, elements, seasons. Forest themes in particular are useful for conducting Forest Bathing (FB) in indoor situations.

Personal growth.

The search for well-being is not necessarily tied to a specific physical or psychic disorder, but is aimed at all those who have the desire to live in harmony and balance, with themselves and the world around them. Alamar videos are a non-pharmacological, easy and pleasant therapy that requires no effort and can be enjoyed independently, alone or in a group. It can complement other natural cures, for the therapeutic power it offers, bringing the magic of Nature into one’s own home environment.

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Regardless of the type of work to restore inner balance, viewing Experience Nature sequences reconnects the person to the energies their body needs.


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To immerse oneself in a forest is to choose the path one wants to take, that metaphorical path is life. The forest protects, reassures, stabilises. It helps you find your roots and connect with the earth. At the same time, it points the way to the sky, the momentum towards the light.

Alamar videos offer the opportunity to experience guided trails in the forest, either indoors or remotely, taking advantage of all possible seasons and scenarios. They allow one to walk along a path, to stop and listen, to resume the journey, or to look at a flower, a stream, a lake, a waterfall, a large tree encountered along the way. The completeness of the catalogue makes it possible to build the desired itinerary, to insert tactile and/or olfactory elements in tune with the experience, to focus attention on what you want, when you want. Any image related to the forest environment is useful for Forest Bathing sessions.


Chromotherapy, also called colour therapy, is a very ancient practice that uses different colour tones to allow their specific vibrations to penetrate the body at various depths, causing biochemical changes in the cells and blood.

Through the frequencies of colours, light acts on all levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Modern medicine has confirmed that organs, which emit electromagnetic waves, are influenced by colours, as is the human state of mind.

Scientific studies show the influence of colours on the nervous, immune and metabolic systems. According to Christa Muths, an expert German colour therapist: ‘Colours are a life force and source of energy, capable of stimulating the formation of cells in the body and influencing nerves and organs’.

Living pictures and Experience Nature sequences are ideal tools for consciously acting through colour stimulation. Moving sceneries act more effectively on the nervous system than static colours. The images proposed allow for effective colour therapy, stimulating the nervous system with the most suitable vibrations to achieve immediate balance and well-being.


“Colour is the effort of matter to become light”.
Gabriele D’Annunzio


It is the great energetic activator. The colour of strength and health, vitality and action. It is fire, passion, joy of life. It awakens our vital energy and is useful for situations that need radical change. It fights exhaustion and melancholy, thanks to its supply of energy and vitality. It has warming power. It is the impetus towards conquest, ardent desire, confidence in one’s own strength and abilities.


Indicates sociability, joy, creativity. It is the colour of the rising sun and is associated with growth and happiness. It is energetic, but not exciting; rather, it is soothing, helping to overcome fears. It is effective in cases of depression because it is cheerful, lively, positive. It makes the environment happy. It stimulates movement, independence and self-confidence. It helps the mind to open up and develop and facilitates mastering of the senses, regenerate the nervous tissue and recharges the tired.


It is the brightest colour and emanates positive currents similar to those of the sun’s rays, which is why it brings energy, strength, vitality. It is the colour of happiness, of imagination, it represents optimism, cheerfulness, intelligence, creativity. Associated with the left side of the brain, it sharpens the mind and concentration, activates reasoning skills, stimulates the flow of ideas and learning. It favours extroversion.


It is the colour of Nature, of serenity, of peace. It symbolises hope, purity, brotherhood. It is the neutral colour in relation to the fulcrum of the solar spectrum, the balancing point. It has a calming influence on the nervous system, harmonises thoughts and pacifies the senses. It encourages reflection, stimulates inspiration. It brings stability, peace, balance; it gives strength, constancy and perseverance. Stimulates the ability to love from the heart.


It is the colour of the sea, the sky, tranquillity and great depths. It is a powerful purifier: it relaxes, calms, refreshes. It stimulates reflection and introspection and induces sensitivity. It calms the nervous system thanks to its effect of stillness and harmony. Excellent for meditation, gives inner balance and calms. Very useful in cases of stress, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, irritability. It has a sedative and pain-relieving effect par excellence.


It is the colour of the sky at night, the colour of purification. Blue, touching black, becomes indigo: we enter the metaphysical world. It is the colour that frees us from anxieties and fears and puts us in touch with our deepest selves. It is a powerful mental purifier, induces strong concentration and is strongly relaxing and refreshing. Being the coolest colour, it encourages meditation and reflection and gives self-confidence.


It brings peace and stillness of spirit and is the ideal colour for meditation and prayer. It has the highest vibratory frequency and energy in the visible spectrum, inspires the highest ideals and extends the horizon of our divine knowledge. It is the colour of the right cerebral hemisphere and represents the gateway to the beyond. It stimulates the psyche and the unconscious and gives spiritual strength. An excellent antidote for insomnia, it has a great calming influence on the nervous system.


It is the origin of all colours and represents goodness, light. It symbolises purity, innocence, birth, precision, cleanliness. It is whiteness and goodness; it gives a sense of order and spirituality. It contains all seven colours of the iris and is therefore the most revitalising. Fresh, bright, sunny, it brings energy and vigour. It regenerates the organism and clears the mind. It also represents water in its transparency and is therefore a symbol of purity.


Fire, Earth, Air and Water are at the basis of the order of things and the organisation of the Universe, they represent everything that exists and coexists. Each element cannot exist without the other, they are the expression of an organised and ordered Whole and life depends on their harmonious relationship. Each element brings specific energies: observing the elements one is temporarily deficient in helps rebalance our organism, at various levels of depth.


Fire is the initial spark, the primordial energy. It is the heat, the rapid movement, the vividness of the impulse. It activates, vivifies, purifies. It warms not only the body, but also the soul: it comforts, symbolises the domestic hearth, evokes a sense of family. Suitable for those suffering from loneliness, apathy, depression: it brings great energy and vitality. Also effective in cases of cold-related illnesses.


It is the element that symbolises fertility and creativity, it is the feminine principle that welcomes the seed and grants life. Earth is maternal and nourishing, it protects and dispenses its gifts. It is the element that most structures, stabilises, gives solidity and strength. The Earth roots to the ground, nurtures, cares. It confers peace, self-confidence, a sense of belonging, but also patience, perseverance, determination.


It is the element that connects Heaven to Earth: invisible, impalpable, unavoidable. Air is the substance that envelops the world and through it everything is in communication. It is the realm of ideas. Changeable and light, Air dissolves negative thoughts: watching the clouds as they form and transform helps the mind to lighten, dissolves heaviness and negativity. The blue of the sky calms the nervous system.


Water is the source of life, the basis of all living forms. It adapts to every form, fills spaces, opens new paths. With its perseverance, Water breaks rock, but it can be as light and delicate as a snowflake. It is changeable, it is the only element that manifests itself in the 3 dimensions: liquid, solid, gaseous. Water quenches thirst, washes, refreshes. It is crystalline, it has an extraordinary purifying action.


Nature’s special vibratory frequencies induce a state of calm and peace on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Extremely restful and calming, the sounds of Nature harmonise both people and environments; they purify and balance on pure, euphonic frequencies.


Experience Nature living pictures allow you to get back in touch with natural cycles, to experience them on a new plane of consciousness.

Each cycle (spring, summer, autumn, winter; birth, death, rebirth…) rotates outside and inside us. To live in harmony, it is important to perceive the flows within us.


Every situation, every company, every professional has specific needs that require a dedicated study to optimize the benefits of Alamar videos. We will be happy to give our advice to those who want to discover a world of well-being, in whatever context they find themselves, just fill out the form below.

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