There is no better designer than Nature.

Alexander McQueen


A happy workplace is more productive and is also an important indicator of a company’s potential success. More and more companies have decided to introduce measures to increase employee well-being, and the most effective source has proven to be Nature.
The sight of natural scenery also creates greater harmony between people, helps us behave better towards others and stimulates creativity and performance.

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A customer’s welcome can be transformed into a relaxing experience by furnishing reception and dining rooms with the most harmonious sequences. The beauty of Nature offers itself as a pleasant and charming welcome, which takes care of people and sets them in a good mood from the very first moment. And once in their rooms, guests can enjoy the Relaxation Channel dedicated to them, for a regenerating stay of well-being.


Science has found that if we pause to look at a natural landscape, distant areas of the brain connect and work in sync.

Even in environments dedicated to wellness, such as spas, beauty and hair care salons, a high presence of natural elements has greater abilities to reduce stress and offers better opportunities for regeneration than artificial environments.


An immersion in the frequencies of Nature, for a non-pharmaceutical therapy that nourishes with beauty. A special place to stop, walk, sit or lie down, to meditate and daydream. A space where we can relive the deep connection with Nature in its most beneficial aspect, resonating with those frequencies that help us to feel deeply well.


The presence of Nature in companies, professional offices and any working environment is essential to convey harmony.

In no time, with Alamar, any artificial place becomes natural, therapeutic, regenerating.

A happy workplace is more productive

The quality of life of its employees is an important indicator of a company’s potential success. More than 80 per cent of all medical consultations are due to stress, which is also the cause of countless accidents at work (between 60 and 80 per cent). In companies with a high level of stress, health care costs are almost 50 per cent higher than in other organisations. This is why more and more companies have decided to introduce measures to increase the wellbeing of their workers: among these, Nature has proven to be the most effective source.

Prof. Richard Ryan, who has extensively studied the positive effects of nature on the mind, commented: Nature is the fuel of the soul. Often when we feel fatigued or tired, we drink coffee, however research suggests that to recharge our batteries it is much more fruitful to be in nature. ”.

“The fastest and most effective way to recover from psychophysiological stress is exposure to natural environments.” (Berto, 2016)

immagini natura
Stress Recovery Theory

Nature’s power to soothe stress, depression and anxiety has been the subject of numerous experiments around the world, starting with those conducted by Dr. Ulrich since the early 1980s.

Attention Restoration Theory

Psychologists Stephen and Rachel Kaplan were the first to validate the importance of a natural environment to regenerate the mind, improving attention, memory and cognitive functions.

Alamar videos relax, inspire, connect people and put their minds at ease

Alamar videos in workplaces, from meeting rooms to the individual workstations of managers and employees, allow these spaces to be transformed into regenerating environments, increasing cognitive abilities and promoting well-being, harmony, and collaboration between everyone, thanks to the relaxing and pacifying properties of Nature. Even areas dedicated to employee breaks can become opportunities for natural recharging, such as the relaxation room or the gym.



Welcoming customers and employees in an atmosphere that conveys beauty and serenity, through the vision of landscapes and therapeutic sounds, immediately gives a tangible sign of the company’s care and attention.


Watching Alamar films facilitates relaxation (+42% in 10 min.), reduces anxiety, depression, nervousness. It increases concentration and creativity, stimulates imagination and intuition. It builds bonding and fosters relationships, increases well-being.

The Relaxation Room can be easily created by adapting the existing one, or by building one on purpose.
The programming of the films can be entrusted to the programme schedule of the Relaxation Channel, or chosen from the many Ready-Made Playlists, or created specifically in the Catalogue section, using those scenarios, elements, colours that are most effective for the objective to be achieved.

immagini rilassanti

Alpha waves, typical in an awake but completely relaxed individual, register strongest in Nature. Alamar film projection transforms any artificial space into a regenerating environment.

Ideal for accompanying practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, as well as for meditative practice before or during work, to stimulate concentration, intuition, imagination, but also to bring harmony among participants: the sense of peace evoked by nature leads to more respectful and cooperative tones towards one another.

Immersed in the same scenery, everyone’s minds align on the same frequency, just as metronomes do.


Watching natural scenarios before and during meetings helps attune everyone’s minds to the same goal and find the best solutions together (Law of Resonance) .

During brain storming sessions, videos stimulate creativity, imagination, intuition. They inspire the conception of new products, more effective communication, help to make the right decisions faster. Meetings benefit from a greater creative and participatory boost by viewing those colours, elements or scenarios most relevant to the theme of the meeting, choosing resonances aligned with the company’s plans.


40-second micropause improves attention. A study by the University of Melbourne shows that looking at an image of Nature for less than a minute is enough to perform tasks better: the sight of green provides a restorative experience for the mental resources responsible for controlling attention. The research leader, psychologist Kate Lee, writes that even the sight of green for a few seconds restores energy to those who are tired during work. “It is really important to take micro-pause. It is something many of us do naturally when we are stressed or mentally fatigued,” she explains further: “There is a reason why you look out the window and seek out Nature: it helps you focus on your work and maintain your performance during the working day.

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A company that pays attention to the well-being of its workers is more likely to succeed, because it actually makes them more creative, more involved and more productive. In addition, costs for medical expenses, absenteeism and voluntary turnover are reduced.

In relaxation rooms, meeting rooms, and workstations, Alamar’s therapeutic films improve well-being, concentration, and creativity; they foster collaboration and team spirit.

With Alamar, managers and employees are happier, healthier and more creative.


An atmosphere of well-being creates harmony from the first moment. That is why welcoming clients with Alamar videos disposes to good mood and speaks of caring for the person in a deeper sense. The experience of beauty through images of relaxation is transformed into a pacifying emotion that will last for a long time.

Reception, breakfast room and restaurant, lounge areas, in-room relaxation channel, and easily interchangeable emotional walls make each environment always new, rejuvenating, and good for guests as well as staff, in a harmonious atmosphere.

For a rejuvenating Good Morning, the pacifying and creatively rich power of Experience Nature films to provide their clients and staff with the well-being and harmony that distinguishes Alamar Life videos.

Garibaldi Hotel and emotional breakfasts

“One morning I got tired of seeing news on the news about war, disasters, crises, stock markets… I realized that having breakfast without bad news is the best way to start the day. We combined these images of nature that are stunning and in a short time the way our clients eat breakfast has improved: it’s more beautiful, it’s more serene. We will face life and help to face life in a better way, for what little we can.”

Jose Saggia, Garibaldi Hotel owner – Vercelli

Garibaldi Hotel, what happened after one year

“The first thing I noticed is that customers don’t chatter as much, they listen. They eat slower, they are more polite, so they make less noise, they are less intrusive to each other, because the setting that has been created conveys such a message: of tranquility, of politeness, of caring for others.”

Jose Saggia, Garibaldi Hotel owner – Vercelli


L’Approdo Restaurant, Marina di Campo, Elba Island

The exciting atmosphere amplifies the pleasure of dining, creates harmony in relationships, and connotes the experience as particularly pleasant and rejuvenating.

The personalized creation of playlists makes it possible to compose the best settings for any circumstance, from white night to themed evenings, from dedicated parties to mushroom dinners, or fish dinners…

Customer care is increasingly directed toward a holistic vision of well-being. The Alamar proposal is a great ally for transforming any place into a regenerating environment.


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Science asserts that if we pause to look at a natural landscape, distant areas of the brain connect and work in synchrony. Environments with a high presence of natural elements have a greater capacity to reduce stress and offer more opportunities to regenerate cognitive resources and psychophysical capacities than artificial environments.

Alamar videos are a proposition that can transform any enclosed space into a rejuvenating environment, creating the best suggestions for a unique, enveloping experience that is totally relaxing for mind, body and spirit.

An Alamar video for any moment

For any kind of activity or proposal within the spa, Alamar videos have the most suitable natural settings to enhance clients’ relaxation, even at the time of post-sauna herbal tea, after a steam bath or other kind of treatment.
Colour Therapy
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bottone play3
bottone play3
bottone play3
Thalassotherapy and Stone Therapy
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bottone play3
bottone play3
bottone play3
Whirlpool, Water Beds and Cloud Beds
bottone play3
bottone play3
bottone play3
bottone play3


Welcoming their clients with images of natural landscapes helps spontaneous relaxation, suitable for many professionals, medical and dental offices, architects, practitioners, therapists, naturopaths, holistic practitioners and more. The films can be used not only in the waiting room but also in work practice, as a valuable support to induce patients into a psychic state of greater readiness for different treatments.

Alamar’s natural landscapes can help relax, rebalance, and regenerate people; they bring harmony and well-being to the environment. They allow precise intervention in both the psychic and physical spheres, reduce anxiety and perception of pain, through that feeling of tranquility and protection evoked by nature.

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In recent years, the discipline of Feng Shui, a 3,000-year-old ancient Chinese art that teaches how to harmonize the environment in which we live and benefit from the space around us, has also become popular in the West. It could be called “environment-therapy”: a method of healing the spirit and, consequently, the physical as well, using the beneficial energies of the environment.
The principles of Feng Shui state that our body dialogues with the environment around us and is able to grasp aspects of it that our mind ignores.
Yin and Yang must be harmonized in order for vital energy (Ch’i) to flow freely.
Through the frequencies expressed by Alamar films, it is possible to rebalance people, as well as spaces, creating greater well-being and better productivity.

Case History Dental medicine

“The Turin Dental Wellness Clinic has chosen Experience Nature videos and photographs to make treatment time in the clinic’s many offices more comfortable, relaxing, and soothing. The images that adorn the rooms are highly appreciated by all patients, doctors and health care staff. Some long sequences with images of nature in the clinic’s colors of orange and purple were specially made. Clients are more serene, relaxed, and content; some patients even search for certain sequences before sitting in the chair. Physicians’ burn out has also improved.”

Laura Guasco, clinic director.


Every situation, every company, every professional has specific needs that require a dedicated study to optimize the benefits of Alamar videos. We will be happy to give our advice to those who want to discover a world of well-being, in whatever context they find themselves, just fill out the form below.

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