An immersion in the frequencies of Nature, for a non-drug therapy that nourishes with beauty.

A room in which to pause, walk, sit or lie down, to meditate and daydream.

A space where we can relive the deep connection with nature in its most beneficial aspect, resonating with those frequencies that most help us to be deeply well.

Relax, be inspired, find yourself:

Through viewing and listening to natural sceneries, colors, elements, flowers and medicinal plants, it is possible to act effectively on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, bringing well-being through the beauty and specific therapeutic frequencies of Nature, choosing the most suitable from time to time.

Experience Nature, the benefits of Nature through the principles of naturopathy. Films created specifically to act on the central nervous system. See method


Some examples of benefits brought by elements, colors, flowers and medicinal plants:

room ruscello 700


Stream water, its being in perpetual motion, evokes the ceaseless flow of life, the Panta Rei concept of the continuous becoming of life, in which: Everything exists insofar as it flows, insofar as it changes.

In addition, running water evokes purity, cleanliness and its cleansing action, acting on the various levels of the human being. On the physical level it is an effective diuretic.

Green is the balancing color par excellence. It is at the center of the color spectrum of visible light, as well as of the electromagnetic spectrum of energy: the midpoint between Gamma Waves and Sound Waves. If you analyze the entire spectrum of energy emitted by the sun, 61 percent of its energy, which powers biological life on Earth, is exactly the color green.


Lily of the Valley, the fresh underbrush of early spring. With its unmistakable fragrance, it lends itself greatly to aromatherapy. It cheers, balances, and relaxes with sweetness and wonder. It is a plant with many healing properties: it reduces high blood pressure, headaches and tachycardia as it has cardiotonic, antispasmodic, as well as diuretic and purgative action.

room mughetto 700
room mughetto1 700


room glicine 700


Wisteria symbolizes friendship, promotes kindness, inspiration, dreams, meditation. It calms stress, relieves states of anxiety, improves mood. It is especially good for combating insomnia. Wisteria is an Australian flower remedy: Wisteria.

Violet is an extremely calming and relaxing color. It induces inner peace and promotes meditation; it raises levels of spirituality. Anti-inflammatory, it dilutes agitation and nervousness, relaxes the body, soothes the mind, and inspires dreams and visions with high vibrations of purity. It is the color of intuition, expands consciousness and sensory perception, promotes concentration. It liberates from anxieties and fears, is a very powerful mental purifier.


The Bach flower that helps to overcome fear of contact, to dissolve isolation. Its key word is lonely princess. Water Violet brings forth deep wisdom, positivity, introspection, reflection, and capacity for growth. The capacity for open relationships with affection and warmth.

nature room
nature room


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Bright and sunny in color, it is considered the flower of happiness and has extraordinary beneficial properties. Mimosa is a hardy and resilient plant, able to take root even in difficult soils, showing great strength and determination. Since ancient times it was used for therapeutic purposes: it is an effective anti-inflammatory. On a psychological level, it facilitates openness to others and is recommended in cases of depression, loneliness and a sense of abandonment.

Yellow is the color that most stimulates mental activities, reasoning abilities and is particularly good for studying. It is the color of sunshine, cheerfulness, happiness and imagination: warm, cheerful, tonic, dynamic, creative. It represents optimism, intelligence, wisdom, speech. It brings great energy. Induces serenity, enthusiasm and cheerfulness.



Poppy, or rosemary, has a sedative and calming effect on the nervous system, promotes sleep in the elderly and children. At the same time it dispenses cheerfulness, good humor, lightness, lightheartedness, boyhood- It brings serenity, happiness; it evokes joy and gentleness.

Red is the most activating color in the color spectrum. It has great energizing action, effective in exhaustion, apathy, melancholy or depression. It stimulates energy, invigorates, brings vitality. Has calorific power: warms arterial blood by promoting circulation, raises blood pressure and fights anemia. Indicated for circulatory problems (stasis, chilblains, coldness, etc.).

room papaveri 700



nature room

AIR It is the cosmic breath between heaven and earth; the realm of ideas. Mutable and light, it dissolves negative thoughts.

nature room

WATER It is the source of life. It represents emotions, our own and those of others. It fosters universal empathy.

nature room

EARTH It is maternal and nurturing, the roots of life. It gives stability, solidity, constancy, strength, patience, family.

nature room

FIRE It is the primordial energy. It activates, vivifies, purifies, heats. It comforts with domestic warmth.


nature room
nature room


nature room

The environment that most brings happiness and good mood, relaxation and inspiration is the sea. Being near the water stimulates the brain, releases chemicals related to happiness such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin. Being close to the sea makes you happier, healthier and better.

The waves with their comings and goings on the shoreline allow the body to relax and restore itself. Toxins and tensions are eliminated and the immune system is strengthened. Beneficial brain waves are produced by the mind, lulled by the rhythm of the waves.

The sea has beneficial effects both psychologically and physically: it promotes relaxation and reduces the perception of pain. It is an oasis of peace, a true cure for body and mind.

nature room
nature room
nature room
nature room
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