WEBTV was born out of a desire to bring the benefits of Nature to everyone, either directly in the home or on their smartphone, so that they can enjoy them at any time. With new technologies, such as SmartTV and Chromecast, you can enjoy the regenerating experiences of Alamar videos on the big screen.

The fundamental principles of naturopathy
on every screen

Alamar proposes the best videos to enhance the therapeutic frequencies of colours, elements, plants and officinal flowers, as well as those ideal for rediscovering the most beloved natural environment, at any time and in any space.

Accompanied by sounds, pure and evocative, scenarios of great emotional impact evoke familiar, protective, regenerating dimensions.

In this way, anyone can benefit from the extraordinary therapeutic properties of Nature, in personal treatment or relaxation sessions, or to create evocative atmospheres and live experiences of poetic beauty immersed in their favourite environments.


Channels created to bring a specific benefit

The BENEFIT channels are specifically designed – based on the therapeutic properties of the films – to respond to certain needs (e.g., insomnia, stress, low vitality…), to bring a particular benefit, such as serene rest, tranquillity, relaxation.

Each channel, like each theme, is accompanied by a few sentences describing its main characteristics.


The ENVIRONMENT channels – Forest, Sea, Lake, Mountain, Countryside, Flowers – enhance the characteristics and beneficial properties of each one.

The ENVIRONMENT channels – Forest, Sea, Lake, Mountain, Countryside, Flowers – enhance the characteristics and beneficial properties of each one.

In addition to Themes, these channels also include Groups, collections of clips that are not part of any theme, but which are equally important in characterising a particular environment in a particular season.


THERAPY Channels were created to support holistic practices. One channel is dedicated to Colours, which you can draw on when you want to practise colour therapy. The Flowers series in one theme offers the 7 colours of the colour scale, for a complete experience of the frequencies of light. These are the last themes, at the bottom of the page.

Another channel is dedicated to the Elements, where you can quickly find the best films to convey the Energies of Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

One channel is dedicated to the Bach Flowers.





Benefit channels

The best videos to counter anxiety, fear, panic attacks, stress, depression.
Channel offering topics that by their very nature offer concrete help in the presence of these problems.

Forests help to regain stability and protection from the Earth and allow you to experience the beneficial properties of trees. Bach flowers act on specific fears, hawthorn is a powerful calming agent, lavender is one of the most effective plants for its relaxing effects. The Blue Rice themes, due to their colour tone and the sound frequencies of crickets and frogs, are extremely useful for calming states of agitation and inducing peaceful rest. The colour violet relaxes and acts on the spiritual dimension, lotus flowers on the emotional and affective dimension. The Air element of clouds helps dissolve negative thoughts.

Videos for relaxing and experiencing Nature all year round, even at home or at work.

The Relaxation channel features a cross-section of different environments, with the most suitable films for relaxing the central nervous system. It is the most varied channel, offering films ranging from high mountain peaks to underwater life. Sea, mountains, forests, lakes, streams, countryside, flowers: everyone can choose the scenery in which to dive, to reap the maximum benefits at any time. For those seeking daily contact with Nature, for deep regeneration and fortifying well-being that amplifies intuition, concentration, creativity.

Channel dedicated to those who suffer from insomnia. Here the themes that most relax and soothe the nervous system, promoting peaceful rest. Sounds and colours designed to slow the heartbeat and blood pressure, to induce drowsiness by freeing the mind from stress, tension and worries.

Blue, indigo, violet and violet tones are ideal for ‘cooling’ states of agitation and calming the mind. Medicinal plants such as lavender, lotus flowers and some Bach flowers help relieve tension and promote peaceful rest. Other themes that can help improve the quality of sleep are sunsets on the lake, the gentle flowing of streams, the waves of the sea on the beach, falling snow and rain, which with their hypnotic movement capture the mind to the point of calming it, favouring a restful sleep.

Dedicated to people suffering from dementia, this channel proposes the films that most form part of the collective memory: fruit, vegetables, wheat fields, the flowering trees of our countryside, vineyards, ripe grapes.

The emotions aroused by the films become precious for recovering fragments of memory of one’s own life. Remembrance helps to recover identity and activates the desire to share. It also helps people with dementia to be less anxious, with an important spin-off in terms of quality of life. The best videos to use are those related to the person’s biography: which places did he or she love the most? Where did he or she go on holiday as a child? The scenarios most similar to his or her life will be the ones most likely to evoke memories and trigger states of well-being.

This is the channel indicated for those who are experiencing a period of low vitality.

Here, the best themes bring energy, good mood, positivity, zest for action. Effective in stimulating vigour and dynamism, they stimulate the energetic dimension, increase blood circulation, activate and warm. The Fire element is the most powerful activator and has great warming power. The warm tones of red, orange, yellow bring great energy and warmth, each with their own specificities. Other themes chosen for this channel transmit the frequencies of the plants that give the most energy, such as sunflowers, mimosa, olive trees, citrus fruits. There are also sceneries that by their characteristics stimulate the vital system: the windswept sea, waterfalls, torrent rapids.

Environmental channels

There has been much talk in recent years about how effective a walk in a forest is for regaining energy, concentration, positivity, inner balance. Research has shown that similar benefits can also be had simply by looking at a picture depicting such scenarios. So here are hundreds of paths, all different, to relive the well-being of being immersed in your favourite forest. From large tree-lined avenues to small paths through dense vegetation, from beech to birch and chestnut forests, everyone can find their own ‘road through the forest’ in the films.

It is the most suitable channel for creative storytelling, offering, in addition to the many paths, all those scenarios that can be encountered when walking through the woods: trees, leaves, flowers, streams, waterfalls, lakes, but also clouds and fire, to create stories and adventures in great freedom.

The mountain is the place where the Earth reaches its highest altitude, the one closest to Heaven.

In the collective imagination, the mystery of Creation leads us to look up to the sky to search among the clouds and stars for answers, hope, strength. It is in Heaven that we historically believe the Creator resides. The mountain is therefore the environment where the spiritual dimension is greatest, because its altitude elevates us both physically and emotionally.
Regardless of one’s biography and preferences, high-altitude settings are those that most favour union with Heaven.

Mirrors of predominantly calm water, lakes evoke an ancient sense of peace and convey relaxation, rest, serenity.

Lakes reassure, the vastness of water is delineated by shores, always offering a safe reference, a land to land on. In their placid tranquillity we can find stillness and balance. Moreover, there are no large waves in the lakes, which means that their surface is often an immense mirror reflecting the landscape and the sky above. In this mirror, observing the sky and its reflection on the water, one can find answers to deepen one’s knowledge of oneself and life. The show opens up spaces for enchantment and wonder.

“Science surprisingly reveals how being near, in, on and under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at everything you do”. So says W. J. Nichols, author of the book Blue Mind, where he compiled the research of hundreds of scientists from around the world. Specifically, next to the sea, humans experience a state of well-being characterised by calm, serenity, harmony and a general sense of happiness and satisfaction with life.

The sea is life, it is the primordial liquid from which everything was born. The very water that makes up our cells can be compared to that found in the sea. When we are in contact with the sea, the production of the neurotransmitters of happiness and pleasure such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin is stimulated. The sound of the waves itself, called ‘white noise’ as the sum of all sound frequencies perceived by our ears, has powerful relaxing and pain-relieving effects.

Streams bring freshness and vitality. They teach us that everything flows perpetually towards the goal, they convey the infinite present. They are balancing and regenerating.

Contemplation in front of a flowing stream allows us to let go, to be cleansed and purified by pure spring water.

Near a stream, contemplating the flowing water and listening to its sound, we feel more alive, more serene, happier and with more energy.

The infinite colours of the flowers, the dance of the petals moved by the wind, the joyful cheerfulness of the meadows.

They represent the life force of spring and summer, the renewal of life, the warmth of the sun.

They allow effective colour therapy, as they do not influence the properties of colour, on the contrary, they amplify them.

The vision of flowers and medicinal plants allows you to resonate with the frequencies of the plant or flower you are observing, to receive and benefit from its therapeutic properties.

The countryside is a jubilation of flowering fields, crops, orchards, wheat fields, vineyards. Here we can live, know, appreciate and benefit from the cycle of the seasons and its fruits.

The countryside is nourishment, it is also the environment where it is most possible to experience the daily cycle of life, where people generally experience a more continuous and familiar contact with Nature.

The wheat fields, the blossoming of fruit trees, the harvesting of vegetable gardens, the flowers growing spontaneously in the fields or by the roadsides are all part of the collective scenery of rural life.

Therapy channels

Air, Water, Fire and Earth are the basis of the order of things and the organisation of the Universe, they represent everything that exists and coexists.
Each element cannot exist without the other, they are the expression of an organised and ordered Whole and life depends on their harmonious relationship. Each element brings specific energies: the videos help to restore balance, activating – by resonance – those elements that are lacking.

Air lightens the mind, helps dissolve negative thoughts, connects with the world of ideas. Water purifies, washes away psychophysical waste, connects. Fire is the great energetic activator and its warmth also acts on the psyche. Earth gives solidity, structure, reassures and protects.

Through its chromatic variations, light acts on all levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The human body is an energetic-electromagnetic whole in which the different parts vibrate in a harmonious whole while maintaining their energetic identities. The frequencies of colours interact with the vibrations of our organism, rebalancing and harmonising them.

When an organ, or a set of organs, is exposed to coloured irradiation, an absorption of electromagnetic waves takes place, with different oscillatory frequencies depending on the colour, and the cells – composed of atoms – enter into vibratory resonance with the frequencies of the light waves, recovering their balance.

Dr Bach was the first to intuit the possibility of making the vibrations of flowers interact with the electromagnetic fields of the human body. Bach Flower therapy was created with the aim of restoring the spiritual harmony that is the prerequisite for achieving the highest expression of the human personality.

The main aim of the Bach Flower Remedies is to alleviate the psychological discomfort underlying the physical symptom, so that the latter is also reduced as a direct consequence. Thus, transforming an emotion from negative to positive can also transform the body’s general state of well-being.


Natural, on every channel.

Web TV offers the possibility of enjoying the benefits of Nature at home, at work or at any other time, with dedicated use for specific individual needs.

It is a series of video channels, with streaming programming always available, that can be enjoyed from any device connected to the network. It is a service dedicated to all those who want to enjoy the benefits of Nature, for completely natural therapy sessions.


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