I work to bring mankind closer to Nature, to return to living rhythms in harmony with it and consequently with ourselves and others.

Cristina Fino

Alamar proposes a multifaceted wellness concept for everyone, enabling a better quality of life by transmitting the regenerating power of Nature. Its videos, in fact, give the possibility of experiencing environments, seasons, plants, flowers at any time, in the day-to-day domestic. A contemplation induced by images, easy and pleasant, requiring no preparation and suitable for everyone, which stimulates body, mind and spirit, rebalancing the entire organism.

The craft of filmmaking in the service of nature.

Cristina Fino was born in Tuscany and learned the craft of filmmaking in Florence, in one of the first Italian multivision studios.
After years behind the camera, her research focused on capturing and conveying the regenerative aspects of Nature, to bring its beauty and benefits into any enclosed environment.


Her beginnings behind the camera.

In short, her experiences unfolded from Florence to Turin, where in 1987, she founded an agency specialising in audiovisual events.

Years of institutional films, events and conventions for famous international brands, collaborations with the National Museum of Cinema, exhibitions for the Piedmont Region .


Artistic projects.

Privately, she devoted herself to making documentaries on various subjects, such as ‘Agape’, winner of the Audience Award at the International Women’s Film Festival in Turin (Italy).
She also tried her hand at seven documentaries on the Walser of Valle d’Aosta, broadcast by RAI3. In her last years at the agency, she specialised in museums, making films and installations for various structures. In this period, she matured the awareness of wanting to contribute with her work to bring man closer to Nature.


When ALAMAR LIFE was born.

At the end of 2010, she left her partners and began the adventure of Alamar Life. Today, her work is to isolate the pure frequencies of medicinal plants and flowers, colours, elements, environments, seasons, to reproduce them with an audiovisual technique that induces contemplation.

Experiencing them through sequences that scan the cycles of primary breathing (cf. Dr Sutherland) has a relaxing and curative value, a non-pharmacological therapy capable of intervening on the central nervous system and acting on cerebral perception.

Every day she discovers a new beauty in the world and passes it on to others.

Dr Santoro, head of psychiatry on the island of Elba, interviews Cristina Fino. March 31, 2016

Telecolor, Health Lab broadcast. Maurizio Forza introduces Cristina Fino – excerpts. December 15, 2016

2019 RI.GENE.RA National event on the influence of frequencies on stem cells

Extracts from Cristina Fino’s intervention.

2019 RI.GENE.RA National event on the influence of frequencies on stem cells

Cristina Fino explains the playlists and programming of the E.N.CARE Relaxation Channel.

2019 Care Professions Meeting

Cristina Fino presents the Relax Experience Nature Care channel, the 1st therapeutic TV.

2019 Meeting of Care Professions – Cristina Fino explains Experience Nature.

2018 “Waiting for Alzheimer’s Fest”

Cristina Fino explains the Experience Nature method in personal care

2017 Conference “Cultivating Beauty in Social and Health Educational Services”, Barbarano Vicentino.

2016, 3° Sente-Mente Day, Bologna

Cristina Fino explains Experience Nature

2015, 4th PerFormat Neuroscience, Neuropsychology and Psychotherapy Conference, Navacchio (PI) technology hub


duration 40 minutes


duration 40 minutes

ART LANDSCAPE 2017, duration 34 minutes

1990 documentary “A PO closer” – first prize Sorrento International Festival
2004 documentary “Agape” – audience award International Women’s Film Festival

2010 documentary “The Walsers of the Aosta Valley” – special mention Babel Film Festival. Representing Article 6 of the Italian Constitution on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Union of Italy
Founder of Coscienze in Rete

“Beauty speaks the language of the Gods.
The artist is one who uses the divine language, that same language that is hidden in the beauty of nature, adapts that language, transforms it with his own talent, with his own divinity, to be such as to be recognised by a human consciousness, which through that language grows the highest parts of its soul. L’effetto di questo linguaggio degli Dei, che viene ripreso in maniera incredibile da Cristina, è di guarigione dei nostri archetipi interiori.The effect of this language of the Gods, which is captured in an incredible way by Cristina, is to heal our inner archetypes. These videos are already the ultimate artistic expression to have and use.”

rossana becarelli
President of Mediterranean Network for Medical Humanities - Medical Director at San Giovanni A.S. Hospital, Turin (Italy)

“Cristina Fino is the person who produces these wonderful images. She is truly a messenger of nature, because she immerses herself, understands it and translates it for us. And the videos she produces are very therapeutic: they are images, they are sounds, but above all they are a distillation of nature, a distillation that has been captured with great love and great passion.”

Expert trainer and organiser of Alzheimer's units - Sente-Mente Project creator

“We would like to take a few minutes to help you understand the wonder of this work. But just think if in an Alzheimer’s unit there could always be these images going! Beauty heals, beauty is therapeutic. Do we want to increase our effectiveness? We must increase beauty in the places where we do our work.”

maurizio forza1
Maurizio Forza
Naturopath, physiotherapist, researcher, writer

For years I have been asking myself: “what if it were possible, as with a PC, to download the original programmes that guided the stages of brain creation into our brains, so that we could have a hard disk of perfection and answers to every possible need?”. I have done some research and study finding the logic of thought and now with Cristina’s work there is the actual method to do this in a simple and complete way. That’s it: the perfection of creation is within our grasp.

maderu pincione
Paolo Maderu Pincione
Founder of the Institute for Craniosacral Therapies, and of the Professional Craniosacral Association in Italy

What evidently happened is that Cristina, in the ‘contemplative mediation’ produced by the observation of the film and its editing, spontaneously entered into the perception of her fluid body, in contact with the internal tides. Is there a relationship between (attentive and meditative viewing of something that activates the subcortical areas) and the perception of the tides? Obviously yes, even though we practitioners consider the hands (touch, proprioception) and the heart as vehicles of listening, Cristina’s experience tells us that the eyes, under certain conditions, can also ‘take us in’.

Julia Berger Lux Vivens
Julia Berger
Founder of LUX VIVENS - Sounds of Living Light

Cristina Fino is an atypical video artist. I prefer to call her a video therapist. She knows how to define the enchantment of the present. She knows the way the wind moves the leaves, how the earth sings beneath her feet as she walks, and how to calm the mind with birdsong, with the colours of the flowers, with the motions of the sea and sky. When you watch her videos, there is only you and nature around and within you. In that moment, you are at the core of your being, at peace.

Marisa Toldo per sito
Architect. Workplace Strategy & Holistic Wellbeing. FounderSpaceYourPlace.

“The work of Cristina Fino is a constant source of inspiration. Her unique focus on wellbeing through her beautifully crafted videos is not just incredible, but relevant in healthcare and businesses at large. It’s truly inspiring to see how she drives the narrative towards wellness. These videos not only contribute to overall wellness but also yield specific healing outcomes.”

Work Experiences

From 1981 to 2010




Since 2011

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