RI.GENE.RA (RE.GENE.RATE): speech by Cristina Fino

RI.GENE.RA: l'influenza delle frequenze della natura sulle cellule staminali. Intervento di Cristina Fino: “Rigenerarsi con la natura attraverso frequenze vibrazionali audiovisive”.

National event on the influence of frequencies on stem cells modified by the frequencies of nature. Bologna, November 24, 2019.

Severino Doppi and Maurizio Forza: Moderators of the Conference.

Giuseppe Vessicchio: “The influence of sound forms on organic complexes.”

Carlo Ventura: “Vibrations and cellular melodies: toward a new paradigm in Regenerative Medicine.”

Cristina Fino: “Regenerating with nature through audiovisual vibrational frequencies.”

Fernando Piterà: “The sense of unity of life from plant meristems to human stem cells. Analogies and correlations.”

Konstantin Korotkov: “The application of EPI/GDV medicine in medicine, particularly in the clinical application of stem cells.”

Maurizio Forza introduces Cristina Fino – excerpts

“Prof. Ventura was able to scientifically demonstrate how there are precise frequency modulations that intermingle to allow the specific activation of one tissue or another. Regardless of which energy level was chosen – a sound, a light, an infrared – when the interval was coherent, the stem cell always became a heart cell.

Our nature was structured on different scales of colour modulation. … That is why the work Cristina does is more important than she knows.

Talk by Cristina Fino – excerpts

“Nature is good for me, but if I isolate pure frequencies of colours, plants, elements… I can choose the most suitable ones for targeted use in each area, with greater benefits.

Isolating precise frequencies and inducing prolonged vision through sequences makes it possible to act with the greatest possible precision in all circumstances.

Cristina Fino’s speech – full version

Severino Doppi: ‘Cristina is a researcher who makes her work her life. Seeing her films, many have said that there is a lot of poetry in everything she does’.

The benefits of watching images of Nature: relaxation, increased creative and cognitive abilities, reduced perception of pain.

“Biophilia means love of life: being attracted to everything that is alive and vital. It is the innate tendency to be fascinated by Nature’.

Experiments and methodology Experience Nature. Presentation of E.N.CARE, the interactive multimedia box that brings beauty into everyday life.

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