RI.GENE.RA (RE.GENE.RATE) – The influence of nature’s frequencies on stem cells

L'influenza delle frequenze della natura sulle cellule staminali.
Evento nazionale. 24 novembre 2019, Bologna

24 November 2019, Bologna. Italy




Facilitated by: Severino Doppi and Maurizio Forza.

Giuseppe Vessicchio: ‘The influence of sound forms on organic complexes’.

Carlo Ventura: “Vibrations and cellular melodies: towards a new paradigm in Regenerative Medicine”.

Cristina Fino: “Regenerating with Nature through audio-visual vibrational frequencies“.

Fernando Piterà: ‘The sense of unity of life from plant meristems to human stem cells. Analogies and correlations”.

Konstantin Korotkov: “The application of EPI/GDV in medicine, particularly in the clinical application of stem cells”.

“Stories are told of how by using flowers and plants it was possible to cure everything, how with the use of geometry it was possible to modify matter, how with mathematics it is possible to shape matter, how in nature the spirit finds its peace, how with sound the mind is bent, and how all this can be scientifically detected.”

Maurizio Forza, conference moderator RI.GENE.RA


Italian popular music icon, the orchestra conductor Beppe Vessicchio. He explains how he began to take his favourite toy, music, apart to understand how it works and discover its prodigious effects. Because harmonic-natural music is endowed with a beneficial power that affects living organisms, from plants to animals and even human beings.

Carlo Ventura, director of the National Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Stem Cell Bioengineering of the National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems (INBB), Eldor Lab, and GUNA ATTRE (Advanced Therapies and Tissue REgeneration), both at the ‘Accelerators of Innovation’ of the CNR in Bologna. Ventura takes us towards the new frontiers of scientific research. ‘Cells, the elementary and fundamental forms of life, unfold, interact, regenerate, communicate through vibrations, perceive and emit sound (…) this is why we have focused our research on the possibility that sound energy can govern cell differentiation’.

Cristina Fino, director, creator and author of the Experience Nature videos.

As a researcher, she isolates the frequencies of nature through special audiovisual techniques capable of acting on cerebral perception. “Regenerating with nature through audiovisual vibrational frequencies”.

Her wonderful images and the importance of working through audiovisual frequencies.

Watch her speech at the RI.GE.NE.RA. conference.

Dr Piterà is famous for his research in the field of phytotherapy and gemmotherapy. Professor of Non-Conventional Medicines and Complementary Techniques at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Milan from 2000 to 2009. Lecturer in Phytogemmotherapy at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine of the ‘Vasile Goldis’ University of Arad (Romania). Lecturer at the Advanced Training Course in Systemic Phytogemmotherapy – Postgraduate School of Training in Systemic Medicine (Milan, Rome, Lecce).

Dr Kostantin Korotkov, professor of biophysics at the University of St Petersburg and president of IUMAB (International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography). Dr Korotkov has developed a technique called ‘gas discharge visualisation’ (GDV) to directly record, process and interpret GDV images with a computer and diagnose, or predict, dysfunctions and diseases in the human body.

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