Stories of people who, with the films, regain inner calm and combat panic attacks without taking anti-anxiety drugs.


The personal experience of two ladies who have suffered from panic attacks for years.


I have suffered from panic attacks for many years and when I was hospitalised in December and January for pneumonia, I watched the videos on my mobile phone and managed not to use any anxiolytics.

I was familiar with the videos because in the past I had already bought the Flowers, Green River, Sea & Land and Sea & Wind DVDs.

I would like to take this opportunity, in fact, to ask you if you can suggest which new DVDs to buy that are more suitable for my case. Thank you.”

“I was given the DVDs on Monday and immediately started watching them. At the moment, I feel that watching Autumn Walk gives me a natural inner calm, keeping my generalised state of anxiety under control, which obviously worsens with particular intensity in this particular period of severe asthenia, resulting from the illness.

For me it is very important not only to be able to control the panic attacks, but also not to have to resort to anti-anxiety drugs, and thanks to these DVDs I am succeeding for the moment and I am very happy to offer this testimony, because I have tried to watch many videos on nature but only those of Alamar Life are really effective, so much so that while I was hospitalised, I showed your site by mobile phone to the psychologist who had come to visit me and she was very surprised, because she did not know this type of therapy”.


For years I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety that have literally destroyed my life. I am no longer able to live my life because as soon as I decide to do something, I am blocked by this monster called panic, which suddenly appears and locks me in the house with paroxysmal tachycardias and blood pressure rises, which have not a few times forced me to be taken to the emergency room.

I can no longer go out on my own and often cannot even get to the corner of the house if accompanied. Sometimes I can take down the rubbish feeling more useless than her. You can imagine for a mother and wife how destructive this state of affairs can be. I also tried psychotherapy but to no avail, also because the meetings ended up in long talks in anonymous studios and I increasingly realised that my life and my problems to deal with were outside those studios, they were in the world outside that I had to deal with alone.

I wrote all this to you because since I bought your Flowers DVD I have felt a little better.

In flowers and their colours, in the chirping of birds and the movement of butterflies I have found peace and serenity. That is why I wanted to buy the other themes with flowers. That’s all: I am trying to help myself; I simply want to give myself hope.

I like everything about Flowers, from the sequence of the images to the colours of the flowers, the birdsong and insect cries that are not intrusive and persistent, but fade in and then return. The variety of flowers makes me travel with my mind and even though I have seen it many, many times, it is always like discovering something new again and again“.

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