Nell’ambito delle medicine “naturali”, si sente spesso parlare di Medicine Vibrazionali.
Il temine sta ad indicare una categoria di “terapie naturali” che agisce secondo un concetto particolare, il principio della vibrazione.

As part of ‘natural’ medicine, we often hear about Vibrational Medicine. The term stands for a category of ‘natural therapies’ that work according to a particular concept, the principle of vibration.

Vibrational medicine is a basic theory that aims to explain how and why certain therapies, which are based on different aspects of the concept of ‘energy’ and have been used for millennia, but whose mechanisms have only been traced back to philosophical concepts (e.g., ying/yang, vital energy, energy meridians, etc.).

Everything in Nature is composed of atoms, but atoms are not fixed entities, they are composed of electrons that revolve around a nucleus composed of protons and neutrons, just like planets around the sun. The electrons cannot separate from the other parts of the atom, as all parts are held together by a very strong energy. Matter and energy do not just interpenetrate, but are equivalent, just as Albert Einstein predicted more than 70 years ago when he made known to the public the famous equation E=mc² with which he expressed his theory of relativity.

Since atoms are not stationary but vibrate and oscillate with greater or lesser intensity depending on the rotational motion of the electrons, and since everything in nature is composed of atoms, it follows that everything vibrates. Man also vibrates. In fact, the human body is composed of billions and billions of atoms, which oscillate at a certain frequency. These multiple vibrations in turn create multiple energy fields. The vibrations themselves cannot be observed, but the effects these vibrations produce can be detected with sophisticated instruments.

The causes that lower our vibration can be external stressors, i.e., poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental pollution, or internal stimuli such as negative thoughts and emotions that make their way into our minds.

Quantum physics and particle physics experiments have shown us that, at the level of the particles themselves, all matter is really energy.

When we use the term ‘vibration’, we are using a synonym for ‘frequency’; energy at a different frequency means energy at a different vibratory rate. Energy that vibrates at a very low frequency is called physical matter, while subtle matter vibrates at a higher rate than light. Both are real, the subtle one just has a faster vibratory rate.

If we are therefore living beings made of energy, it follows that we can be influenced by energy, and in order to act therapeutically on our subtle bodies, we must administer energy that vibrates with frequencies beyond the physical plane. If our physical body is just energy, it is easy to understand how our consciousness, consisting of everything we can experience in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual spheres, is in fact energy. It is also easy to see how our consciousness, which is itself energy, is connected with every cell in our body. Therefore, each part of us knows when we are doing something that is good for us, or not, and reacts accordingly; on an energetic level, a tension or imbalance in our energy will be transmitted to the physical body by manifesting itself in the form of a certain pathology.

It can therefore be argued that each symptom is the result of a blocked energy; when we unblock the energy, by making different decisions or participating in a healing, we rebalance the energy, and the symptom can disappear.

Dr Elena Tigli


Article ‘Fundamentals of Vibrational Medicine’

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