Sperimentazione: i video Experience Nature per migliorare le funzioni cognitive e attentive di persone affette da Alzheimer.

Alamar Life videos were used to improve the cognitive and attentive functions of people living with dementia.

For almost five months, some residents of the Maria Grazia – Opera Pia Cerino Zegna (BI) Italy, facility were invited, before the usual art-therapy workshop, to watch a long sequence (12.30 minutes) of an Experience Nature theme, different each session.

The workshop is held once a week, on Wednesday afternoons.

NPT-ES Non-Pharmacological Therapy – Experience Scale (maximum value 15).

At Time 0, after the 1st session with video, there is an average value of 6.36.

At Time 1, after 8 sessions (2 months), there is an improvement corresponding to an average value of 14.60.

At Time 2, after a break of almost 50 days, at a new session with video, a substantial hold is recorded, with an average corresponding to 12.40.

The benefits found, not only on cognitive and attentional capacities, but also on psychomotor and conversational capacities and, as a spill-over effect, on the general well-being of the person, open great hope for the recovery of functions that were thought to be permanently impaired and suggest new experiments in other areas.



FRANCESCA, after 7 sessions


FRANCA, after 9 sessions


People have shown a progressive improvement that has led them to very precise and accurate executions of remarkable poetry and which also demonstrate how they are still able to recognise colours. The works carried out unequivocally express the passion with which these people, stimulated by the Experience Nature videos, dedicated themselves to colouring, resulting in an increase in self-esteem, serenity and well-being in the broadest sense.

Well-being that continues in the hours following the art-therapy workshops and also extends to family members and carers.

ELENA, after 9 sessions


ELENA, 2nd and 9th sessions


FRANCA, 10th, 11th, 12th sessions



The same people who were invited to colour without first having watched the videos were either absent, irritated, disoriented, or simply not motivated to express themselves.

Comparison with the coloured mandalas a day or two later, after watching the Alamar videos, clearly attests to the ability of the Experience Nature films to stimulate concentration and creativity even in people with severe cognitive problems.

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