For a more effective use of the videos, a training course is recommended, to learn how best to conduct the proposed activities.
Taught personally by Cristina Fino, the courses allow you to acquire all the information you need to use the videos with awareness of all the opportunities offered by the method, for a more effective non-pharmacological therapy.


A 4-hour module, aimed at all care staff.

The importance of a natural environment: the Stress Recovery Theory and the Attention Regeneration Theory. The Experience Nature method and the reasons that make it so effective. Testimonials and experiments.

The devices: the Relaxation Channel, the Box Plus, the WebTV. Characteristics and peculiarities of each.

The uses: operators can perform even the most critical tasks of the day better and more serenely, from waking up to assisted bathing, in an atmosphere of harmony and collaboration. Dementia social educators and workers can conduct artistic, creative, psychomotor, multisensory workshops. Therapists and nurses can create single or group viewing sessions to prevent the onset of stress, anxiety, depression, aggression and to intervene in the event of an acute crisis.

How to use the films: it is explained when short sequences are preferred and when long sequences are more effective, or when single clips are appropriate.


A 4-hour module, aimed primarily at therapists and dementia social educators.

Testing of the method. Experiences emerged during use: analysis of the most significant cases and their in-depth study.

The vibrational frequencies of environments, colours, elements, plants and medicinal flowers. The different states of mind aroused by the films will be experimented, starting from listening to oneself in order to share one’s experience with the group: listening to the different perceptions will help everyone to better understand the emotions experienced by those who no longer express themselves in words. The benefits of each theme will be explained, to learn how to use the method as a real pharmacy of natural remedies.

The most recurring discomforts will be explored and the most effective themes will be indicated to relax, calm, soothe, activate, arouse empathy, memories, attention. This will make it possible to acquire the necessary skills to precisely intervene to help the person, depending on his or her state of mind.

The creative storytelling technique The Imagined Tale will also be explored. The films become the backbone of the story, a stimulus to the imagination and memories, a setting for trips, outings, cognitive stimulation. The Imagined Tale is a game, an adventure, a playful activity that can involve even the most reserved people. It is the activity that most stimulates people, who are invited to create a story all together, starting by observing the landscapes. Thanks to the prolonged immersion in natural scenery, it is probably one of the most therapeutic activities. Stories can be invented, ancient traditions can be remembered, a trip to the sea or the mountains can be experienced all together, word associations can be made, and films can be used for multiracial integration.


Ad hoc projects can be developed, in close contact with the architects, creating something specific according to the structure.

Case History: Outpatient clinics in Ireland

Project by architect Elena Manfredi for 14 new outpatient clinics in Ireland. Experience Nature videos in the lobby and individual waiting rooms of the outpatient clinics to make the environments more comfortable, relaxing, and harmonious and generate well-being, better quality of life, and a more effective therapeutic process.

Some visualizations of the project.

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