PSYCHIC DISCOMFORT: dance-movement therapy performance

La performance nasce dalle suggestioni corporee dei ragazzi che interagiscono con le immagini video, attraversando paesaggi marini differenti e creando coreografie nate spontaneamente.

For the dance movement therapy performance at the Monteverdi Theatre in Cremona with a group of young people with different abilities, Iris Dall’Aglio used a video on the theme of the sea prepared for the project by Cristina Fino, Alamar Life.

The performance stems from the bodily suggestions of the children, who interact with the video images, traversing different seascapes and creating choreographies born spontaneously. Each picture is an atmosphere that suggests an emotion, the theme evoked is danced and brought into movement in the individuality of each one.

  • The stimulus is direct and immediate, nature in a different way is anyone’s heritage even where cognitive disabilities are present.
  • It allowed a work of observation and description of the nature paintings, in its declinations and hence the words for movement.
  • The viewing of the nature paintings allowed a personal interpretation of ‘feeling’ that painting.
  • Nature videos are an effective tool to talk about movement, emotions, suggestions, evocations…
  • The aspect of imitating the sea has always been a very personal interpretation according to each person’s style of movement.
  • The nature videos were an inspiration to the dance and a strong scenography during the performance and also a present interlocutor with whom one could always relate and create again (improvisation).
  • It provided cues for significant movement themes to work on: the levels of space, from stillness to movement, the crossing of space, the work of shadows that allowed a play with a transforming self, equal and different from one’s own image, the relationship between form and movement, the encounter in the embrace.
  • It coalesced the group into a shared, palpable, visible idea of performance.
  • The intrinsic beauty of the images reverberated throughout.

I believe that with a disabled audience it is an effective and extremely activating tool for the dimension of bodily expressiveness, and not only that, both for a thematic path aimed at a performance, as in this case.


Iris Dall’Aglio, APID dance therapist, dance educator, dance therapy in the social-educational field with children, people with different abilities and the elderly.

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