Naturopatia - Sperimentazione. Misurazione con BIOWELL degli effetti percepiti a seguito della visione dei filmati di natura Alamar Life. 28 partecipanti - 36 screening.

Tesla Holistic Academy School of Naturopathy. Holistic and bio-natural disciplines.


Measuring the effects perceived following the viewing of Alamar Life’s Experience Nature films.


Edited by: Severino Doppi, President of the Tesla Holistic Academy.

Surveys carried out with the BIOWELL/GDV Camera method in Lugo di Romagna (RA), Aosta, Turin, Cagliari.

March/October 2021



The aim of the research was to investigate how watching Natura Alamar Life videos can help people feel better, by measuring the interaction of the videos on people using Biowell/GDV Camera technology.

The experimenters are people aged between 29 and 64, 4 men and 8 women, all meditation practitioners and from the medical/holistic world. None are using life-saving drugs.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.


A number of themes, different in colours, elements, environments, seasons, were identified in the Alamar Life film repertoire. The themes used were: Sea Sunrise, Autumn Water, Blue Rice, Fire, Gold Grain, Sky Clouds, Stone Therapy, Sunflowers, Trees, Underwater Sun.

Measurements were taken with BIOWELL. The GDV Camera, an energy diagnostic machine created by Russian scientist Konstantin Koroktov, is recognised in Russian and Belarusian hospitals as a medical instrument used in the diagnosis of illnesses. The test is carried out in just a few minutes and is totally non-invasive: all the person has to do is touch the surface of the GDV equipment’s special glass with the fingers of their hand. From the ‘energy fingerprint’ of the 10 fingers, the entire body’s energy field is calculated, from which deficiencies or excesses are revealed, showing malfunctions in the body before they manifest themselves on a physical level, in the form of illness or disease.



In order to have the most accurate results possible, it was decided to carry out 21′ viewing sessions of the same film and with the same image cyclicity, using only the short sequence, repeated 7 times. This made it possible to have no variables that could influence the results throughout the research.

The participants, before starting the viewing of the chosen video, underwent an initial screening with Biowell, in order to “take a snapshot” of their psycho-physical and energetic health condition at the time of viewing the Experience Nature films. At the end of 21′, the Biowell screening was repeated and comments were collected from the experiencers, noting their feelings. The sessions all took place in the evening, on weekdays.


Following the viewing of the films, an evolutionary psycho-physical-energetic reactivity was evident in all participants.

The emotional dynamics that occurred showed – on a graphical level – positive expansion and contraction responses, as well as right- and left-handed movement (from male to female) and vice versa of the energy centres (chakras-glands).

People expressed different emotional and physical sensations according to the theme shown to them, ranging from feelings of warmth, relaxation, pleasantness, joy, contentment to states of peace and even hypnosis. In some cases, feelings of anger, impatience, frustration were also reported.



A few cases by way of example.


Letizia is a 59-year-old eye doctor who lives in the city and works in a hospital.

Following the viewing of Autumn Water, she said that she experienced total relaxation in which she felt “sinking into absolute well-being”.

She also stated that the vision of the light reflections on the water – the phosphenes – gave her a way to extricate herself from the material context of her tiredness after a day’s work at the hospital, as if this vision had purified her and freed her from emotional toxins and fatigue.

The viewing of Autumn Water led Letizia to compensate for the situation of psycho-physical and emotional fatigue described before the film, with an almost complete alignment of all her energy centres in a harmonious way.





Marcella is a 30-year-old psychologist who loves the sea, even though she lives in the mountains. She often travels in Europe.

The first thing she said following the viewing of Gold Grain was ‘electric agitation‘. She recounted how – while watching the wheat fields – she wanted to create a path for herself by moving the ears of grain. This action led her to psychophysical fatigue and a subsequent sensation of heat, which she described as ‘burning’. At the end of the vision, Marcella stated that she experienced a feeling of completeness, as if she had been satiated.

At the time of her arrival, Marcella reported an S-shaped misalignment of her Chakras, with an alignment percentage of 90%.

At the end of her viewing of Gold Grain, the alignment of her Chakras – which reached 97% – attests to her affirmation of completeness and fulfilment.




Arianna is a 64-year-old counsellor who loves the sea very much. While watching the dawn films, in the initial phase Arianna experienced the experience like a child, with accelerated heartbeats due to excitement. Excitement that, she reports, almost led her to a feeling of breathlessness with the question ‘Do I deserve to be given this splendour? Arianna said, to describe her excitement: ‘One too full of wonder’.

Later, as the vision went on, she experienced a feeling of joy, of ‘non-mental presence’, declaring that she ‘entered into a deep state of communion with the elements’.

From the chakra chart, the improvement in the energy balance of all the glands is evident.

In particular, the 2nd chakra and the 7th chakra had the greatest benefit.


The aim of the research was to investigate how watching the Natura Alamar Life videos could help people feel better, by measuring the interaction of the films on people using Biowell technology.

An analysis of the results shows that watching the themes had beneficial effects on a psycho-physical-emotional level on the people who participated in the experiment.

Watching the films allowed each person to experience unique individual feelings, which were moulded on each person, following the dynamics they were experiencing at that moment. This demonstrates the pliability of the Alamar Life tool in adapting to individual personalities, acting on each person in a different way according to their experience, but nonetheless benefiting everyone.



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