Creative storytelling for people living with dementia

La sperimentazione è stata presentata al convegno “Le Immagini oltre la Memoria” , organizzato dal Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Università di Pisa.

“My use of Experience Nature videos at the Alzheimer’s unit of the E. Germani Foundation, Cingia dè Botti, Cremona, is aimed at stimulating the imagination through a specific method of creative storytelling that I have been using for years (Timeslips).

The objective is not the recovery of memory; memories sometimes come out spontaneously and become appendages of the story. The focus is on the imagination, on what is not visible, to activate a freer dimension that is detached from logical-cognitive consequentiality, to move into a territory of great freedom. The challenge is whether the images, so essential, without human subjects, can be functional to the story.”

The methodology of storytelling combined with the stimulation of the Experience Nature videos arouses, activates, conveys in terms of communication, emotions and, as a spill-over effect on behaviour:

  • the poetics of narration, thanks to the mediation of nature that disposes to beauty
  • the conversational dimension that is intensified in the group, starting with the free description of the paintings
  • the communicative and relational dimension on common, collective visual themes, on whose notes opinions and suggestions are exchanged
  • the dimension of recollection, which is activated by the natural place but only transits from there to the connected and very personal sensations and EMOTIONS
  • the activation in terms of “soul-action” that circulates in the group
  • the contemplative dimension and wellbeing derived from it.

Dr Iris Dall’Aglio, social educator, Certified Timeslips facilitator (Timeslips storytelling for dementia Project)

Conference Images beyond Memory“, 26 September 2015.
Meeting on some experiences realised for the well-being of people affected by Alzheimer’s and their families, organised by the Museum of Natural History of the University of Pisa.

The research conducted by Dr Dall’Aglio with Alamar Life videos as a tool for creative storytelling was presented. The experience showed a great benefit in terms of well-being, fun, attention, imagination, participation.

Joint intervention with Dr Iris Dall’Aglio.

At the end of the talk, Dr. Cristina Innocenti took the floor, who wanted to emphasize some important aspects of the proposed narrative technique: “Regaining the memory of the pleasant moments of one’s life, can give back to the person with Alzheimer’s some fragments of his or her identity, the one that is scattered in his or her life history. Reminiscence gives serenity and well-being and is therefore also an emotional and affective function, as well as a cognitive one: through the recovery of recollection, the person again perceives a sense of having his or her own continuity in time, and comes out reassured. The lowering of anxiety, in turn, liberates and improves all other cognitive functions.”

Dr. Cristina Innocenti, Psychologist and psychotherapist, Certified Transactional Analyst, EATA contracted teacher and supervisor in the Performat School, Pisa.

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